Why I Move From WordPress to Blogger


Before we dive into the topic, let me clear one thing. When I talk about WordPress, I refer to a self-hosted WordPress site, an open-source project from Not the Hosting company provided by Automattic,

If you don’t know the differences between the two, you can always use Google to help you out.

If you lurk around the internet enough, you’ll find that people are more likely to move from than to Blogger. There are thousands of articles out there dedicated just to this.

However, I feel WordPress isn’t the right platform for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I do acknowledge how powerful WordPress is.

They offer more than Blogger does. They’re open-source project, hosted and managed by yourself. Which means you have bigger control over them. They beat Blogger in:

  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Customization

And so much more. You can use WordPress to build any site you like; from a blog, e-commerce, organization, or even a bank. You can’t achieve similar things with Blogger, not even close.

I don’t wanna dive deeper into the benefits of WordPress, that’s not our main topic here. However, I mention their benefits just to make it clear that I don’t move to Blogger because they provide more capabilities than WordPress.

No, that’s not why I move to Blogger.

I move to Blogger because I don’t need those capabilities.

When I first started my blog, which is using WordPress, I got sucked into the beauty of it. I’m addicted to its freedom and flexibility. I spent hours and hours trying to make my website as perfect as possible.

Not until recently, that I realized, it was a waste of time.

The reason I build a website is merely just for blogging. This means one thing I have to focus on is the content, the writing. Not some flashy plugins and beautiful custom design, not hours of fixing problems and doing maintenance, not days of research to deploy multiple layers of security.

No, I shouldn’t do that. I just want to write, but I didn’t. Instead, I just wasted my time on building the site, not building the content.

I spent like half a year maintaining the website, but only spent like a month to actually write articles.

The moment I noticed it, the moment I realized, WordPress is not for me. It’s Blogger that really suits me.

In exchange for Freedom and Flexibility. Blogger takes care of our:

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Reliability

That way, I can freely write, without having to do maintenance anymore, without having to worry about plugins anymore, and without having to worry about someone hacking my site.

Yes, I have to leave behind the things I love to play with. I might be passionate about WordPress, and I would love to become a Developer. But for now, I just want to write, that’s all.

I believe, this is the right decision for me.

Isn’t there any alternative? There is, it’s called Managed Hosting. However, I won’t spend money on something I don’t really need. After all, It’s just a personal blog.

Not trying to undervalue a personal blog. I just don’t need them for now. If later in the future I need a Managed Hosting, then I’ll go for it. But for now, Blogger is enough.

Thanks for reading my story till the end. Do you experience similar things as I do? If yes, you can share them below. I would like to hear your story :)