What's So Special About Mother's Day That We Have to Celebrate Them


Some people argue that having a celebration day is pointless. We should take care of our mothers every day, not just once a year.

Yes, absolutely. I agree with that.

However, that’s not the reason we celebrate it. We don’t celebrate for merely practicing.

We’re doing it to remind.

Take mental health day for example. People were sharing insightful and heartful content all over the internet. At that moment, the internet was bright and illuminating.

Were we doing that just for that time? Was it made just so we care about mental health at that time only?

No, we emphasize the importance of taking care of our mental health, we remind those who forget and inform those who don’t know. We did that so people will continually take care of themselves even after the celebration day

The same with cybersecurity day last October. Do we celebrate just so we secure our passwords on that day only?


We do that to raise awareness about the importance of Cyber Security. to remind people how weak their passwords are.

Doing the practical aspect is one thing, but the main purpose of the movement, the celebration, is to raise awareness.

back to the main topic. Why do we celebrate mother’s day?

With the same answer, again, to raise awareness.

You see, people these days forgot about their mother. They focused on their lives that they forgot the one who brought them to this earth

They’re blinded by luxuries that they can’t see who raised them.

In this celebration, we aim to bring back their awareness, their sanity, their heart. We aim to make them realize how disgraceful they might be.

A most probable question would be::

“Why don’t we just remind them every day? instead of waiting for a particular date once a year?”


They’re too many.

There are tons of things we should focus on; from environment, science, technology, psychology,, social life; not to mention their branch; parenting, global warming, dark energy, public speaking, etc.

We can’t remind them every single day at the same time. We have to divide them.

That’s what dates are for. They’re meant so we can raise certain awareness at certain times. One at a time.

A random reminder might not even reach their ear. But a simultaneous movement involving each part of the world would surely shake their consciousness.

Even if we fail to wake some, we succeed to raise some, and that’s enough.