Wake Up


Our mind is powerful. They can do things automatically without any order. Most of the time, it brings many benefits; we can breathe in our sleep, digest food silently, and automatically sort the most important things.

However, as amazing as it looks, they can also be destructive. They also hinder us from what we’re capable of. It gets even worse when it comes to bad behaviors.

Let me ask, how often do you feel disconnected from the world?

I suspect it is quite often. Sadly, it’s the reality we live in. We rarely realize what we’re doing, not knowing what we’re thinking, and just live our life with full automation.

We’re controlled by our own bodies.

We eat, drive, and work without knowing when we start and when we finish. One minute ago you’re in your car, and one minute later you’re already at home. Without thinking about which route to take.,

We watch tv, movies, and chat with our friends without knowing how long we’ve been doing it. The last thing you remember is you want to watch 1-2 episodes of your favorite TV Series, the next thing you know is you watch 20 episodes straight.

How long do you want to keep staying like this? How long do you want to be a slave of yourself?


You’re not robots, you’re human. You can think and you can make decisions. If you let your unconscious mind do everything, then you’re nothing more than a walking machine.

Wake Up

Be aware of your surroundings, notice what you’re doing, and plan what you’re going to do. Having your body to do certain tasks on its own is pretty helpful. But letting it control everything is a disaster.