Didn’t realize we’re almost halfway through the challenge. Not to mention waves of obstacles heading our way.

Gladly, I can overcome at least the biggest one, perfection.

Being someone who aims for perfection is not something you would want. It consumes your time and energy.

If I were to choose who I am, I would like myself to be simple and straightforward. Unfortunately, I’m not.

Whenever my perfectionism strikes, I remind myself of one single thing: Purpose.

No doubt, purpose is one of the strongest elements in the universe. It what keeps us moving. Without them, we won’t even try to survive.

So yeah, the purpose of this challenge is to write 30 Days Non-Stop. If the goal is just to write, why would I aim for perfection as if I’m writing for a publication?

it’s great to have unique crafts with elegant touches. But it’s not mandatory.

So, here I am, just writing about myself, which is the easiest thing to write.

I used to write long articles in the past, strived to craft a high-quality article, and tried to overcome as many competitors in the search engines. However, I discovered it’s too much for a starter. What’s important for a beginner is to be consistent.

And that’s where I was lacking.

If this article suits you in some way, then I would like to tell you one thing: Remember Your Purpose!

Good luck!