Does Evening Nap Work


We usually take a nap in the afternoon. At around 12 - 3 PM.

But how about evening nap? what if you take a nap at 7 PM for example? would it still feel like a nap?

To prove it, I try it myself.

Just yesterday, I was spending the day learning about web development. I should’ve take a rest, but I didn’t.

Time passed every minute. The bad thing is, they not only pass the minute, they also pass my awareness.

Yeah, I didn’t realize I was wasting my time instead of taking a nap that I didn’t realize it’s 6 PM already.

Okay, maybe that’s a normal case for most people. But for someone who take their words seriously, It’s quite torturing.

I already said to myself I’m going to take a nap. So I’ll do it, whatever the circumstance.

And so I did. I take a nap, not at 6 PM, but at 7 PM. If you didn’t know, I’m a sleeper. It’s quite hard to wake me up unless it’s already the time to wake up.

So, I setup two alarm. One with my phone, with the highest volume, right next to me. And one with portable speakers connected to my PC.

I move the speaker so they faced me, and set their volume to the highest. A bit overtkill if you might think, but it’s needed to wake me up, haha.

Both alarm are spaced about 10 minutes. So if I didn’t hear the phone’s alarm for 10 minutes straight, the speaker will do the job.

Anyway, I then go to my bed, close my eyes, and exciteded to see if it work.

The result? It does.

I mean, in terms of waking up, they succesfully do.

But in terms of sleep quality, no. I didn’t get anything. I still feel sleepy and tired. Feels like I didn’t sleep at all.

So, you can guess what happens next. I sleep again. Now I’m awake in the middle of night, writing this story.

To sum it up with an advice, here it goes:

“Don’t do it.”

Your body needs adequate sleep at adequite times. Don’t ruin both, or even a single one of them. It won’t work.

Take a nap at 12-2 PM, they’re the best time to do it, and you’ll surely feel a surge of awakening boost when waking up. Good luck.