4 Benefits of Writing

Writing is becoming more common with each passing day. With advancing technology, we can’t separate writing from our lives.

Dozens of social media are making it way easier to text our friends.

Unfortunately, not everyone realizes how beneficial it could be. People have drowned in the power of social media that they don’t know the true potential of writing.

In reality, writing does bring a lot of usefulness and benefits to our life. It would be gone to waste if you don’t know these benefits. So let’s just dive into it.

1. It Releases Your Negative Emotion

This one is my favorite. When you write, you direct your energy to form coordination between your Eye, Fingers, and your brain.

Not only that, but you also establish a direct relationship between the three. Meaning, everything you have in one part, can be transferred to another part.

For instance, you can write down your thought, your emotion, and all your burdens from the brain, down into a piece of paper with the help of your fingers. Effectively releases the negative emotions buried inside.

It’s a great way to maintain your mental health. You don’t want to keep those trash inside of you, do you?

Trust me, it feels great.

2. It Clears Your Mind.

By drawing your thought into a piece of paper, or a note app if you like; you’re moving thought from an ambiguous form into concrete ones. One, you can clearly see and understand.

You make it clear what’s happening inside your mind. You transform what was strange and absurd and, into a clear shape of information. Showing what’s going on inside your mind.

Just try it out. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by your own thoughts. Either by having too many things to do, or having multiple mixed feelings, *write them down!

3. It Tells You Who You Are

After you get rid of negative emotions that block your view of the world, you generate a brightening text that illuminates your mind, in which, you can now see who you really are.

You see how you deal with others, how you make decisions, how you feel, and how you handle them.

not many people know who they are, most people just follow the current and adopting other people’s values instead of having their own.

But you, knowing the benefits of writing, do have the power to take control of your life, lead yourself, and be whatever person you want to be.

These things can only happen if you know yourself. And knowing yourself starts from knowing your writing.

4. It Improves Your Communication Skills

No doubt, communication skills are so important. We communicate nearly every day, either directly or indirectly.

With current technology, we can now use our smartphones and laptop to communicate with fellow friends from far away.

So it’s fair to say that practicing your writing skill is equal to practicing your communication skills.

Also, a study has shown that when you practice your writing skill, you’ll improve your speaking skill as well.

That actually makes sense. Because when you write, you speak the words inside your head. You’re technically speaking, but just to yourself.


Writing brings more benefits than we may have thought. Sadly, only a few people know about it. If you’re one of them (and of course you are), you know what you should do. Nothing is worse than wasting powerful potentials before our eyes.