A Powerful Mindset to Get What You Want In Rocket Speed

2020 has ended; a new beginning has started. What do you want to achieve this year? No, I’m not asking you to create new resolutions nor telling you to be consistent with your goals.

Does Evening Nap Work

We usually take a nap in the afternoon. At around 12 - 3 PM. But how about evening nap? what if you take a nap at 7 PM for example?

4 Morning Routines to Supercharge Your Day

In the past, I used to wonder why many people hate their morning. They’re technically the best time for your body according to science. They’re the times when your energy is at the highest level.


Didn’t realize we’re almost halfway through the challenge. Not to mention waves of obstacles heading our way. Gladly, I can overcome at least the biggest one, perfection.

What's So Special About Mother's Day That We Have to Celebrate Them

Some people argue that having a celebration day is pointless. We should take care of our mothers every day, not just once a year. Yes, absolutely.

New Excitement

Just recently, I moved from WordPress, for a reason that I should have primarily focused on writing instead of managing the site; plugins, systems, security, firewall, etc.

Wake Up

Our mind is powerful. They can do things automatically without any order. Most of the time, it brings many benefits; we can breathe in our sleep, digest food silently, and automatically sort the most important things.

How I Quickly Regain Focus

We’re not robots that can stay fresh all the time. Even robots have their limit too, they can be overheated and tired. Like an Overheated CPU that lags a lot when you try to play a game on it.

4 Benefits of Writing

Writing is becoming more common with each passing day. With advancing technology, we can’t separate writing from our lives. Dozens of social media are making it way easier to text our friends.

How to Prevent Yourself From Running Out of Ideas

Have you ever wanted to write something, but you don’t know what to write? That’s quite common among writers. There are certain ways you can use to get a fresh set of ideas.